Celebrate your 1st year of marriage with wonderful gift ideas

An anniversary plays a vital part in marriage life. Especially the first wedding anniversary which makes the couple to understand the feeling of each other. As it is the end of the honeymoon season, this is the moment that life begins to get complicated. So to maintain a healthy and stable relationship you need to put some effort and time. Celebrating the anniversaries shows how much you value your relationship and spouse. On the other hand, this is the perfect moment to attract positive vibes to your relationship.

The traditional theme of the one year anniversary is paper.  So in case if you are planning to go for a classic anniversary gift, suggestions relating to paper would be appropriate to your lovely wife. You can buy tickets to an evening movie, give her a voucher to spend a day at the spa, purchase a book which she was planning to purchase, a limited edition copy, heart-shape anniversary frame with photographs of your big day or canvas with a message which would be perfect to decorate your room. These gift ideas would work if you were looking for a traditional anniversary gift. But when it comes to modern anniversary gifts, the theme for the first year of marriage is a clock. You can give her a clock designed in the shape of a wine barrel. It would be unique and beautiful.

The ideal way to start the day of your special day is to enjoy the breakfast with your spouse on the bed. To add more sparkles to the day, place a stunning red rose on the breakfast tray. You need to pick an extraordinary rose; a rose dipped in gold as the ordinary roses fade with time. It is the ideal rose gift to show her your everlasting love and affection. She would cherish this moment forever.