Few guidelines to follow when giving gifts at a wedding

A wedding is an event which comes after a serious of time-consuming plans and hard work. If you are a couple, who is busy with the work and has got a whole of stuff to complete. Well with the explosion of the internet, you can find most of the things you need through online stores, which would make it easy for you. Moreover, you need to register the list of gifts at least before three weeks to the wedding to make sure no issues would arise at the last moment. It is a tradition that you need to give gifts to the ones who took part in the wedding as an appreciation. There are no rules to follow when purchasing gifts for the members of the marriage, you can even give them the same gifts. So let’s find about more regarding the appropriate gifts for the individuals.

The bride and the groom- it is an old tradition to exchange gifts between the couple, but most of the couples tend to follow this custom. It would incredible if you two can exchange something that would reflect the commitment to your relationship. So why don’t find something that lasts for a long time which would reveal your infinite love? An attractive desk clock, a photo frame or a stunning rose dipped in gold.

Parents- Recently there is a custom of giving gifts to your beloved parents as a matter of appreciation for everything. If also reflects that the bonds would remain the same after the marriage. You can give them a framed photograph of your wedding or a green rose dipped in gold.

Bridesmaid- why don’t you pick something unusual to the girls who were helping you throughout the whole thing? Well, it would be nice if you appreciate their commitment with some souvenir like a desk clock, some pieces of stunning jewellery, gift baskets, bath oils or even a pink rose dipped in silver.

Groomsmen/best men- they were the people who were helping you from the beginning of this wedding arrangements, so it would be a grand gesture if you thank these people for some gifts.   Generally, the best men receive valuable gifts, but is not a must, so you can pick them any gift as you wish. You can give them a photo frame, branded pens, bracelets or pocket watches.

Ring bearer or flower girls- they are the little ones who gives a touch of sweetness to your big day. Though these little ones do not play a significant role in your wedding, trust me they do spend a whole time getting ready themselves for this beautiful day. You can give them stuffed animals, small jewellery or a photograph of them with the couple.



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