Personalised 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

50 years and celebrating is something really rare and beautiful. It is a blessing to be able to celebrate half a century together with someone so special and it is truly a gift of God. Now, we at infinity roses do accept and understand and value the gifts of god but it is simply not sufficient a gift to give the person who has been by your side through all ups and downs for fifty full years of your life! I mean, that is incredible and amazing.

A rose from infinity roses will definitely show her how special she is. Being together for fifty years takes a lot of courage and patience and constant work, and it is beautiful that you have finally got to the point of actually celebrating half a century.

Infinity roses are made with a lot of care and caution – firstly the blooms are carefully plucked from the finest roses and is taken through a complex process of preservation of it in its original form. A clear coating is applied on the rose to keep the rose in its original form and structure. Then, it goes through a lengthy process of electroplating which takes up to weeks on end. Many precious metals are added to the rose during this process. The end result is our beautiful infinity roses and as the name suggests, Your 50th anniversary gifts comes with a life time warranty for defects.

What better way to say ‘I love you’ on your fiftieth anniversary than this. Oh and what’s more – this completely does the trick as you do not have to buy her flowers for another good couple of years as you have bought her an infinity rose!