Sheridan Plaza Rose Collection

Sheridan Plaza Rose collection

A little more about our story

The Sheridan Plaza Rose collection is keen to luxury and quality. All our roses come from real and genuine roses. These fresh roses handpicked at the perfect stage of bloom. Afterward, they go through a lengthy process which includes around sixty steps process of preservation and being electroplated with twenty-four karat gold or other precious metals like silver and platinum. We guarantee all our roses for craftsmanship, and these roses go through a quality control process which ensures that we produce the best roses dipped in gold. We guarantee that these roses would last for decades without any changes in the colors or wilting.

Our customized collection rose products are extravagantly treated with twenty-four karat gold by our skillful and experienced team of craftsmen. These stunning beauties stand romance, uniqueness, and luxury. So why don’t you spoil your special one or yourself with a piece of lavishness from our high-class collections?

What we offer

Each year, Sheridan Plaza Rose manufacture over hundred-thousand of roses dipped in gold, silver, rose gold and platinum. We are experienced manufactures of roses to the world, and we are well known for the quality and uniqueness of our rose products. We offer quality rose products which come in attractive casings and there are unique gift sets that would be appropriate for any occasion. These stunning beauties are available in both the online and the local market.

The process

Our gold, silver, rose gold and platinum roses are made out of real roses that grow in our nursery. Our skilful team of gardeners carefully takes these real roses care. They always take care and monitor these fresh roses till they bloom into lovely beauties. Once they are open, at the peak of their vision, our team choose them immediately and handpick them carefully at the right time of blooming. Then, they go through a long process of preservation with our secret blended formula. The preservation process goes on for several weeks, where they apply clear layers of nickel and copper to these roses to maintain their structure and the shape of the electroplating process. These layers would help to make the structure of the rose strong and would be an excellent base for the application of precious metals. These base coat layers would ensure that the rose is freeze with the perfect structure. Afterwards, we do the electroplating of precious metals to these roses. After plating several thin layers of either gold, silver, rose gold or platinum these roses undergo a strict quality control process by our team to make sure that these products are zero defects. Our rose products undergo about sixty steps for about three to four weeks of a period before they reach the hands of our valuable customers.

The final product would be a bright rose with a mirror finish appearance. Once these roses are complete, they would never get rust and would last forever for a lifetime of pleasure. All these fresh roses are preserved and changed into stunning pieces of art that everyone would cherish. On the other hand, we would offer a lifetime warranty for all our rose products which are on defaults.

Beware of fake products

As the rose gifts are a trendy product in the today’s society, there is various imitation rose products which pretend to be made out of real roses but actually, they are plastic roses. Most of the products that so-called as excellent rose products comes from plastic roses which go through an improper process of plating. So before you purchase a product, you need to identify whether the product you are buying is a real rose dipped in gold. You can recognise them merely as they are light in weight and cheap in appearance.

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